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What I learned from reading Granny’s Wonderful Chair by Frances Browne.

Review, analysis and opinion of the book Granny’s Wonderful Chair by Frances Browne.
Granny’s Wonderful Chair,
by Frances Browne. 

Next on the Compilation of Christmas Stories I am reading, I found Granny’s Wonderful Chair by Frances Browne (please do not confuse with Frances Hodgson like I did), which besides being a whole story also serves as a fairytale compilation, which I think was pretty cool.

So it contains the main story and 4 amazing  fairytales that complement the story, and as you might already know, I love fairytales, so this book was not an exception, and I loved it from beginning to end as it was simple to read, and all the stories it contains were very interesting and knowledgeable in their own unique way.  

But what did I learned from reading Granny’s Wonderful Chair? 

Well, technically there’s a bunch of lessons on this book, because each of the fairytales it compiles brings a teaching, but to not make a thesis out of it, I would say that what I learned from reading it is that our virtues will always prevail before evil, and that as we act virtuously and wisely, it’s pretty likely that we’ll do good, even when we face obstacles or hardships in life. 

Because what I’ve learned from studying occultism and from reading children’s book is that good actions bring compensation to our life in many different ways and at different times, but usually it always come when it’s most needed. 

So this was a 5 star read for me, because the morals and the fairytales were neat, and I have nothing bad to say about it. 

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What I learned from reading: The Christmas Child by Hesba Stretton

Book the Christmas child by Hesba Stretton
The Christmas Child
By Hesba Stretton 

Next on the Christmas Collection I am reading, I found this rather short story “The Christmas Child” by Hesba Stretton, and I say is rather short because it’s just a few chapters, so I don’t consider it a full novel, 

Now this was my first time reading Hesba Stretton, and I think it was an entertaining book, but not that much to actually make my way into Wikipedia to look her up, so if she has better books, feel free to recommend them to me, to check them out, as I was not much impressed  by this one. 

But what did I learn from reading The Christmas Child? 

Well, for most people the lesson of this book would be about forgiveness and not holding grudges against the people that we love and care, but for me I think that the biggest lesson from this book is about understanding that all are life are different and that we cannot shove our beliefs, experiences and lessons down others people throats, because for them to learn the hard way and they would have to live their own experience to know what it’s actually like. 

And that’s a mistake many people incur nowadays, specially parents, as most of the times they just bring the raw lesson to their children without any explanation on how or why things should be like they say. Which, contrary to what the parents think, only make the children more curious and defiant. 

Hence for me that’s what this book is about, since it tells the story of a girl who disobeyed her single old aunt who hated men and ran away from her to get married and have a child. 

But then again, it’s a fun story to read but not very impressive, so I don’t recommend it to read it, unless you are on the mood of something light and Christmas related. 

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What I learned from reading: At The Back of the North Wind by George Macdonald.

At the Back of the North Wind
by George MacDonald

Next on the big Compilation of Christmas Stories I found ‘At the Back of the North Wind’ by George Macdonald, and that made me happy because I actually had this book on my To-Read list, so it felt like killing two birds with one stone. 

I have read George before, I read The Princess and Goblin and the Light Princess, and I loved both stories, because of the way he mixed his occultism and esoteric knowledge and transform it into children stories, so every time I come across with one of his books, I get pretty eager to read them. 

And so was the case with this one, At The Back of the North Wind, was such a lovely read, although in my opinion the narration style was a little different from the the two previous books I have read of him, but in a good sense, it was a little bit more complex, I found myself re reading a few paragraphs over and over to be able to understand better what was happening on the story, specially in the first two chapters, but then I got the hold of it, and the reading was more smooth and pleasant. 

Other than that, I’ve got nothing to bad to say about it, the language was easy, the story lovely, and messages and lessons clear and strong! Which leads me to the question:

But what did I learn from reading At The Back of the North Wind?

Well, I think that the main lesson on this books is that spirituality can come to us in any form, that it’s different from person to person and that it makes unique or different from others. 

Because this book tells the story of Little Diamond, a rather poor kid son of a coach man, and the adventures he has with the North Wind, which is the spirit (if we can call it like that) that control the wind that comes from the north. 

Hence in the story North Wind come visit Little Diamond in her many different forms during the night and would take him with her as a companion to do her duties, which sometimes are good and some other bad, but both needed for her to teach Little Diamond great lessons about life and spirituality in general. 

And these lessons impact Little Diamond’s perspective of life and his way of acting, hence his spirituality makes him different from everyone else, but moreover it made him special, and I think that’s the objective of spirituality: to make us better and to make us unique. 

So this book has great lessons on it, and I gotta say that George did it again because, in my opinion,  At The Back of The North Wind is a book about Astral Projecting, so he managed to take again his knowledge of occultism and esoteric and enhance it and transform it into this beautiful book, that stole some tears from me at the very end. 

(Which is unusual from me, I think the last time I cried with a book was with Little Women) 

Anyhow, I think this is a must read for people who is developing their spirituality because of the way it is subtle portrayed during the whole story, (you would have to over think a little bit tho to fully comprehend it tho) so if you’d like to read it, you can get this book for free on iTunes by clicking here

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What I learned from reading: The Christmas Angel by Abbie Farwell Brown.

Review of the book the Christmas Angel
The Christmas Angel
By Abbie Farwell Brown

The Christmas Angel by Abbie Farwell Brown was next in line on the Collection of Christmas Stories I am currently reading, and this one was indeed a Christmas story, unlike other books that I’ve read on that collection, which I’d say that it’s half good classical books, and half Christmas stories. 

And this book was indeed just a story, so it wasn’t a long novel, which I think was pretty good, and I could felt the Christmas spirit in it, which was the main motive why I chose to read that whole collection, I wanted to feel Christmas through the year because I love Christmas. 

But what did I learned from reading it? 

Well, the lesson from this book is very explicit and I didn’t have to dig deeper or over-analyze it to pull it, because I learned that we cannot judge people for what we see or the little that we know about them, because everyone has a back story and motives to act they way they do, so we shouldn’t never really have a thought or a saying on other people actions without having know their entire story or haven’t been on their shoes. 

Because the plot of this books is all about it, since it tells the story of a old lady who makes a social experiment to prove herself that the Christmas spirit didn’t exist. But *** Spoilers*** at the end she gets a visit from the Christmas spirit whom proves her wrong and shows her the other side of coin (the how and why people acted the way they do). 

And although this was not something that I really learned from this book, because I’ve learned that years ago from life itself, it was a good reminder to read a book that express this lesson so greatly. 

Because besides being a fun and entertaining story it carries this great message about stop being judgmental that I think everyone should read, because if there’s something that we have by tons in the planet is judgemental people. 

So if you have the time to read this story, check it out because it’s short, good and a pretty good read! 

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Visual Art: Vibing.

Surreal and symbolic visual photo collage montage with illuminati and esoteric occult symbolism  Inspired by Ariana grande and Selena Gomez

Time passes and we grow, learn, change and heal along with it. 

On 2014 I made the Lobotomy, a piece of art that represented my search and journey to the illumination of my mind and soul, and it’s 7 years laters that I can realize that it’s been a rewarding journey and that I’ve grown and become a better me. 

Now I feel in another level, and although I admit that I am way too far from reaching illumination, I also don’t think that it’s something beyond my grasp or something that would hurt me. 

I am now vibing on a different level, realizing new and more powerful types of magic and awakening the powers within me. 

So let’s continue the journey and see what else I can learn, grown, and enjoy from it! 

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What I learned from reading: Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery.

Review of Anne of the Green Gables Book
Anne of Green Gables
By L. M. Montgomery

Next in line of the Collection of Christmas Stories I am still reading, (and probably won’t finish until Christmas time again) I found Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery and I gotta say this was THE PICK UP of the pace after the combo breaker of Christmas with Grandma Elsie.

Because I loved this book from beginning to end, and for me it is the example of a perfect book, I enjoyed everything, the style, the vocabulary, the plot, the characters, everything!

So after I am done with the collection of Christmas stories, I will be picking up the other books of the Anne (with an E) saga, because I just found out that this is the first out of four books, written by L. M. Montgomery narrating Anne’s life. And since I enjoyed and loved this one so much I don’t wanna miss the others.

But what did I learn from reading Anne of Green Gables? 

Well, I learn that life is a great journey and that we cannot put a pause on it, so we really should make our best to enjoy every stage or phase that we are supposed to go thru in life according to our age, because time doesn’t stop for us, it always keep going, so the best we can do is take it by the hand and let us guide us thru life, accepting all the eras and changes that we are meant to experience. 

Because Anne of Green Gables tells the story of Anne (with an E) an 11 years old orphan that is adopted by accident by a brother and a sister who actually wanted a boy. But due to Anne (with an E) wittiness they decide to keep her. 

Hence, the book tells the next 5 years of Anne’s life and narrates her transition from childhood to teenager, in a very majestic way, here I take the cap off before L. M. Montgomery, because the way she put that growth and transition into words was really impressive, as you read the book you can notice how Anne vocabulary changes and matures and you can actually feel that the little girl you started reading about in the beginning of the book is growing and maturing. 

So it made me look back and reflect a lot about my life and my growth too, so it made realize that I am already 31, and that life and time passes so fast that if we don’t take some time to grasp the situation and acknowledge the long journey we have gone thru, we might just get caught up in the fast paced life we are living nowadays and never realize it. 

Therefore, since I loved Anne of Green Gables so much and it made laugh until I cried, think about my life, and then made me actually cry of feelings, I totally recommend this book to everyone, so you can get it by getting the Christmas Collection I’m reading or just download this book (for free too Public Domain Rocks) here on iBooks

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What I learned from reading: Christmas with Grandma Elsie by Martha Finley

Review thought and lessons of the book Christmas with grandma Elsie by Martha Finley
Christmas with Grandma Elsie,
By Martha Finley

Next in the Collection of Christmas Stories was Christmas with Grandma Elsie by Martha Finley, and I gotta be honest with you, this book was the combo breaker of this great compilation of Christmas Novels, since, so far, all the books that It contained I enjoyed them and had a good time with them. 

But Christmas with Grandma Elsie marked the difference in a really bad way for me, I found this book dull and it was really annoying to read, and I don’t know if it was due to the narrative, the empty characters or the intense and continuous religious messages this novel try to shovel down your throat.

For me I found this book boring from the very beginning because it doesn’t have a plot and almost nothing happens in it, but I kept reading it with the hopes that something would happen in the end that would make it worth reading, but nope, nothing, boring from the beginning to end. 

And now that I finished it I googled it and I discovered this was the 14th book of the series of Elsies book, so probably this was a just fan service book for the people who looked forward to the saga. Maybe the first books were good, but that’s not something I want to discover, because I really dislike this book. 

So what did I learn from reading Christmas with Grandma Elsie?

Well, I learned that books have to have a plot to be interesting and engaging, because this book is just a slice of life of a happy and rich family that is always lucky to avoid anything bad happening to them. So I found myself pretty bored and annoyed while reading how perfect and happy they were. 

But I think it was because I just found it very unrealistic, life cannot be that perfect or happy. Judging for my experience life is all about the ups and downs, enjoying the top and suffering the bottom, and this book just didn’t portrait a real sense of life to me, but more like the desire or dream of a never lasting happiness. 

So I don’t recommend it at all, and if you ever found yourself with a huge compilation of novels and find this book on the list, just skip it because it is not worth reading. 

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What I learned from watching: Space Dandy.

Review analysis and opinion of the anime Space Dandy
Space Dandy

Yeah, Baby! I watched Space Dandy! 

And for those who don’t know Space Dandy is an anime that aired in 2014 that became really popular due to the similarities and comparación the public made with the classical Cow Boy Bebop, because of the special setting and the plot of catching Bounty Aliens to make a living. 

Although, I agree a little with that opinion, I honestly liked Space Dandy 99% more than Cowboy Bebop, because in my opinion the main character, Dandy was really well written and was charismatic, fun, stubborn, kind, special and unique; so you click with him from the first episode (or at least I did I actually got a Crush on Dandy and I want my future husband to be like him)

But What did I learn from watching Space Dandy? 

Well, to begin I have to clarify that Space Dandy doesn’t have a chronological story, each episode narrates an adventure and I could say that each episode has a little lesson or a philosophical insight that it’s worth to take the time to analyze. But since I don’t wanna make a thesis about it, I’m wrapping it all up together to say that what I learned from watching Space Dandy is YOLO. 

Yes, I learned that You Only Live Once, because life is only one so we have to make the best out of this experience and try have to fun, enjoy the good times and take the bad times carelessly, because (then again) life is just one. So we have to live to enjoy even the mundane pleasures that we can have, because that is what life is about: enjoying the little simplest things we have in our everyday basis. 

And this anime moved and stirred some feelings, because all my life I’ve taken my journey to illumination and knowledge too seriously and I forget to have fun; and sometimes I’m even too hard on myself and others for the lack of seriousness in life. So watching Space Dandy was a good reminder that YOLO so I should just Chillax. 

So thanks to that lesson, Dandy, and the crazy stories each episode tells, I gotta say that I loved watching Space Dandy, like I really LOVED it! I even made it last. 

This anime has 24 episodes, and I watched it in 24 days, I saw one episode daily just because I didn’t want to bind watch it and be over with it, I wanted to made it last and enjoy each and every episode (so probably it was a lesson learned from episode one?)

And when I do that, it means that it’s a golden star for me, so if you’d like to watch something different and fun but also philosophical check Space Dandy, because it’s really worth to watch. 

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What I learned from reading: Little Lord Fauntleroy by F. H. Burnett

Review and analysis of the move, Little Lord Fauntleroy by Frances Hodgson with the moral and lessons of the story.
Little Lord Fauntleroy 
By Frances Hodgson Burnett

Continuing with the Collection of Christmas Stories I’m reading, I found Little Lord Fauntleroy by Frances Hodgson Burnet next in line, and I got the chills, because I read “The secret Garden” from her a couple of years ago and I loved that book so much that I couldn’t help to get my expectations high with another of her novels. 

And I am very glad to say that my expectations were met and that I enjoyed reading this book so much, despite being a little bit disappointed in the beginning, because it took me a while to adapt to the narrative style of it, but after that I enjoyed and loved each and every word of this book. 

Although, I really don’t know why Little Lord Fauntleroy was in this Christmas Collection, because it doesn’t have a Christmas related theme, but I’m really glad it was there, and now I that looked at the Wikipedia article of this book, I found out that it was published before The Secret Garden, and if we compare both books we can notice that Frances grew as a writer and occultist and improved her art and teachings thru the years. 

But what did I learn from Little Lord Fauntleroy? 

Well, despite many could say that the main lesson of this book it’s all about love and how it can help us  change to become a better person (and I do agree with this), I rather think that this book teachings go beyond love and touches the grounds of how important and how our behavior can be affected by the perspectives others have of us. Therefore I learned from this book that’s it’s the perception other people have of us that it’s going to define our way to act towards them. 

In the book Cedric (Lord Fauntleroy) managed to change the old nasty ways his grandfather used to have, just by believing he was a good person and by having a innocent pure perception of the man that everyone disliked. So to match the boys believes and don’t disappoint him, Cedric’s Grandfather becomes a good person, thanks to the love and good perception his grandchildren had of him. 

Because sometimes all it takes for you to actually start acting and getting better, it’s to have someone believe that you are better than what you think you are. Since we humans care too much about what other people think of us and the perspectives and expectation they have for us and that can influence our life really drastically, because it’s the mind that create and construct reality, so others people mind can transform our own reality. 

Since we act accordingly to those perception or expectations other people has for us, therefore if someone thinks that you are a nasty person and you know that they think like that about you, you won’t act nicely to prove them wrong, no, you’d probably reject that person because of what it believes of you and act your naughtiest so they really know how nasty you can be. 

So the power of others people perception or thoughts about us can really define our behavior and that’s why it’s important for us to surround ourselves with people that think high of us, so we can keep up acting accordingly to these believes and actually improve our life to match the perception or expectations they have of us. And if this good perceptions come along with love, their power over us exponentially increase and can magically transform us entirely. 

Although nothing of that is expressed directly on the book, I’m pretty sure that it was what Frances wanted to teach us with Little Lord Fauntleroy, so if you’d like to get the whole lesson, you should really give it a try and read it, because it is a beautiful children book with a lot of occult knowledge. 

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What I learned from watching: Yu-Gi-Oh! V.R.A.I.N.S.

Review of the anime YuGiOh! Vrains series with analysis and lessons learned from it,
Yu-Gi-Oh! V.R.A.I.N.S.

Another Anime that I actually finished watching last week is Yu-Gi-Oh! Virtual Reality Artificial Intelligence Network System (V.R.A.I.N.S.), which is the the fifth series of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime and playing cards game from the late 90s and early 2000s. 

I’ve always loved Yu-Gi-Oh!, I played the game when I was a kid and I still play it on my phone, and I’ve actually rewatched the original series two times, because of all the symbolism and occultism you can find in it hidden in plain sight. So I really enjoyed watching Yu-Gi-Oh! V.R.A.I.N.S. because those cards battles are exciting and it’s always fun to watch the main character cheat his way to victory by using the LOA and Manifestations techniques. 

This series in particular has 120 episodes, and I watched them in the term of 3 years, because I started watching one episode weekly when it aired back in 2017, but the waiting time annoyed me so I stopped watching it for a year, then caught up when the series was half-ways thru, then I took another break to wait until it was over, so I could bind watch it, but then when the series ended in 2019 I didn’t have much time to bind-watch it so I ended up watching one or two episodes a week. 

But what did I learned from watching Yu-Gi-Oh! V.R.A.I.N.S?

Well, I think the main lesson I learned from Yu-Gi-Oh! V.R.A.I.N.S. is that man on his whim to emulate  G—d using science will eventually lead him to it’s own destruction.

Because the plot of Yu-Gi-Oh! V.R.A.I.N.S. is set on the future, when the use of Artificial Intelligence has become really normal and popular, and in the pursuit to keep evolving and in the attempts to replicate G—d’s major blessing granted to humanity and which makes everyone special and unique, they create Artificial Intelligence with Free Will, which of course lead to great disaster. 

So another lesson I pulled from it: Artificial Intelligence never should be granted with free will, and mostly because (leaving all religion or esoteric reasons aside) computers and machines are designed to be perfect unlike we humans; therefore, eventually they’ll realize that their own creators are like a virus destroying the planned, yes, we humans are the virus, and we are even worst than the Corona Virus COVID-19, and Artificial Intelligence will turn into our enemy and executor, because it’s common sense. 

And it’s funny because despite the fact that this has been told in many movies, books, series and anime, I am pretty sure that if the apocalypse doesn’t happen like the Bible says, that’s how humanity will meet its end, created by itself, because just as G—d created man and then man killed G—d, it’s just karma that man would follow the same path and repeat it’s father mistake. 

So with all this knowledge and lessons, I’m sure you can guess that I loved watching Yu-Gi-Oh! V.R.A.I.N.S. And despite the fact that it gets a little bit predictable with the battles and the outcomes of certain events, it was really fun to watch and it even inspired me to make this meme: 

IQ Level Curve Meme of Yu-Gi-Oh! Being satanic and demoniac because the cards are full of demos and Satan
Yu-Gi-Oh! Is Satanic, the cards are full of Demons!
IQ Level Curve Meme. 

And now I am looking forward to watch the new series Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens, which started airing last august 2020, but I’m sure it’ll probably take me a few years to watch entirely, because I might actually watch it by parts or arcs like I did with V.R.A.I.N.S.

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