Visual Art: Vibing.

Surreal and symbolic visual photo collage montage with illuminati and esoteric occult symbolism  Inspired by Ariana grande and Selena Gomez

Time passes and we grow, learn, change and heal along with it. 

On 2014 I made the Lobotomy, a piece of art that represented my search and journey to the illumination of my mind and soul, and it’s 7 years laters that I can realize that it’s been a rewarding journey and that I’ve grown and become a better me. 

Now I feel in another level, and although I admit that I am way too far from reaching illumination, I also don’t think that it’s something beyond my grasp or something that would hurt me. 

I am now vibing on a different level, realizing new and more powerful types of magic and awakening the powers within me. 

So let’s continue the journey and see what else I can learn, grown, and enjoy from it! 

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