What I learned from watching: Candy Candy

Candy Candy

For those who doesn’t know, I like watching anime a lot, because they are usually filled with occultism, religion, magic theories, alchemy, future escenarios and so much more. But Candy Candy was not like that. 

Candy Candy is a 115 episodes anime, that tells the life and story of Candy, an orphan girl who lives the hell of a life, and it was one of the most popular anime back on its time, since it’s from the 1970s, it was translated to a lot of languages, and some countries even got an alternative ending to the original anime, so it was a huge thing. 

Now, I didn’t watch Candy Candy recently, I watched it like 3 years ago, and I liked it so much that ever since then I’ve been wanting to make a post about, although I didn’t know how to adhere it to the “famous writer” vibes I wanted this blog to have back then, but now that I’m changing things here and I am making this review section, I can finally write about it! 

So I’m very glad to finally been writing this post, because it has been on the back of my mind for years, but why did I like Candy so much? Well, it’s easy for the message it brings to the viewer, which leads to my favorite question: 

What did I learn from watching Candy Candy? 

Well, Candy Candy actually taught me to be positive and to always try to remain happy and hopeful before the eventualities or obstacles that life puts in your path, because wether you believe it or not, I have not always been this cheery optimistic positive guy that I might have been portraying lately on my posts, I come from a dark past, and watching Candy Candy helped me a lot with that transition. 

Because in the anime Candy really goes through a lot, she experiences bully, rejection, degradation, treason, violence and the death of her loved ones, so yeah a lot of sad events, but not matter what happened to her she always kept an smile on her face, even when her tears were rolling down her cheek. 

And that’s what our attitude on life should be, because we don’t gain anything by complaining or whining about what happens to us, so the best we can do is be like Candy and face everything with grace, hope and a big smile on our face so we can move out of the dark times quickly.

So I really recommend everyone to watch Candy Candy, because it’s cheery, entertaining and a great anime, although I reckon that it would be really hard to do due to some copyright issues with the original author, so it’s not on any streaming services and I could only watched it on YouTube in Spanish jumping from different accounts because the videos were usually removed, so it was a challenge to watch.

But then again, it was totally worth the effort and time, because I really loved it and I actually think it opened my eyes and helped me change my perspective of life so much! So if you ever have the chance give it a try, because it might change you for the better as well! 

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