What I learned from watching Cruella.

Cruella Emma Stone Disney Movie Review and Analysis

Last Friday August 27, Cruella was finally available to stream on Disney+ for free without having to make any extra payments, so I watched it with my family on that very same day, because we were waiting for it and we weren’t able to go watch it on the cinema because we are on a vacation on the states and my mom doesn’t speak English. 

To be honest, I was pretty curious to see how would Disney destroy one of my favorite villains from my childhood, but to my surprise they did a pretty good job creating a good back story for her and I actually loved the movie, and I don’t know if it’s because it reminded me a lot to The Devil Wears Prada which is one of my favorite movies or because of the subtle way they portrayed and  planted the seed of Cruella’s cruelty and grudge against Dalmatians that caught my liking. 

Although I gotta say that I dislike the CGI they used for making the dogs on the movie, it would have looked better if they would have used real dogs, I mean, they used real dogs in the Live Action of 101 Dalmatians of 1996, so why not now in the 2021?

On the other hand, tho, I liked everything else, and I think that if I watch it enough it might have a big chance to become one of my favorite movies.

But what did I learned from watching Cruella?

Well, I learned that you have to accept who you are entirely, your good side and your bad side, and get on good terms with both sides and find a balance in order to keep yourself sane and grounded. 

Because part of the story of Cruella revolves about her trying to suppress or hide her evil side, which eventually comes out and takes entire control of her making her do crazy things, and it is not until she accepts it that she comes back to her senses. 

And this is something that I had to experience myself, in my case I don’t have an evil side (or at least not that I know) but I had a melancholic depressive side, which almost took the best of me after I tried to hide and fight it so hard in my late teens and early twenties, fortunately I learned to accept it, and with acceptance also came balance and a little bit of peace of mind now that I didn’t have a war in my mind and heart. 

Because we all have light and darkness within us, and we cannot suppress or deny one or the other because we dislike it, so our light or darkness are always going to be there and be a part of us that we have to learn to live with, so I think that’s what this movie was all about, and that’s why I liked it so much, because it was not just a simple entertaining story to feed the masses. 

And most likely I’ll be rewatching Cruella in the next couple of weeks to see what else I caught, because beside the lessons it brings I also noticed it has a lot of occult symbolism that I’d like to dig deeper into! 

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