What I learned from reading: The Wonderful Life by Hesba Stretton.

The Wonderful Life
By Hesba Stretton

And the last book on the Christmas Collections I was reading was The Wonderful Life by Hesba Stretton, which turned out to be a very biblical and religious book, in which is narrated the life of Jesus. 

And I think it was a pretty nice book to read, because it compiled in a chronological order the life of Jesus from his childhood to even after his death; which is something that even the Bible fails to do, since it only give us scraps of Jesus life told by the different apostles in a no order whatsoever.

Although, The Wonderful life doesn’t tell us much more about Jesus’ Life than what is already told in the Bible, it just puts everything in order and narrates it in a more romanticized way that portrait Jesus in a more humanly manner. 

But what did I learn from reading it?

Well, I learned that no one who passes thru this mortal realm is exempt from pain, sorrow, confusion and sadness, not even G—d’s Son. 

Because as this book shows a version of Jesus in which he is troubled and confused about life, and not like  He is usually portrait in the religion that is taught by most churches as a calmed, enlightened and kinda of a Superman man, it gave me a completely different perspective of what I thought of Him. 

So this book made me reflect much about my life, because if Jesus too felt pain, darkness and trouble in His heart by the path G—d sent him to walk on this earth, why should I expect to have it easier than him? 

Although I do too consider myself a Son of Man, Jesus had a more direct lineage to G—d, so he should have had it easier. But I guess that’s a question that only G—d knows the answer, and it might be even a proof of the love he has for us. 

So, if you are a religious person or are interested in Jesus’ life, you should read this book because it put the biblical knowledge in a chronological order that could help you see Jesus with another eyes and as a fellow brother in flesh and blood. 

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