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What I learned from reading: The Christmas Angel by Abbie Farwell Brown.

Review of the book the Christmas Angel
The Christmas Angel
By Abbie Farwell Brown

The Christmas Angel by Abbie Farwell Brown was next in line on the Collection of Christmas Stories I am currently reading, and this one was indeed a Christmas story, unlike other books that I’ve read on that collection, which I’d say that it’s half good classical books, and half Christmas stories. 

And this book was indeed just a story, so it wasn’t a long novel, which I think was pretty good, and I could felt the Christmas spirit in it, which was the main motive why I chose to read that whole collection, I wanted to feel Christmas through the year because I love Christmas. 

But what did I learned from reading it? 

Well, the lesson from this book is very explicit and I didn’t have to dig deeper or over-analyze it to pull it, because I learned that we cannot judge people for what we see or the little that we know about them, because everyone has a back story and motives to act they way they do, so we shouldn’t never really have a thought or a saying on other people actions without having know their entire story or haven’t been on their shoes. 

Because the plot of this books is all about it, since it tells the story of a old lady who makes a social experiment to prove herself that the Christmas spirit didn’t exist. But *** Spoilers*** at the end she gets a visit from the Christmas spirit whom proves her wrong and shows her the other side of coin (the how and why people acted the way they do). 

And although this was not something that I really learned from this book, because I’ve learned that years ago from life itself, it was a good reminder to read a book that express this lesson so greatly. 

Because besides being a fun and entertaining story it carries this great message about stop being judgmental that I think everyone should read, because if there’s something that we have by tons in the planet is judgemental people. 

So if you have the time to read this story, check it out because it’s short, good and a pretty good read! 

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Visual Art: Vibing.

Surreal and symbolic visual photo collage montage with illuminati and esoteric occult symbolism  Inspired by Ariana grande and Selena Gomez

Time passes and we grow, learn, change and heal along with it. 

On 2014 I made the Lobotomy, a piece of art that represented my search and journey to the illumination of my mind and soul, and it’s 7 years laters that I can realize that it’s been a rewarding journey and that I’ve grown and become a better me. 

Now I feel in another level, and although I admit that I am way too far from reaching illumination, I also don’t think that it’s something beyond my grasp or something that would hurt me. 

I am now vibing on a different level, realizing new and more powerful types of magic and awakening the powers within me. 

So let’s continue the journey and see what else I can learn, grown, and enjoy from it! 

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What I learned from reading: Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery.

Review of Anne of the Green Gables Book
Anne of Green Gables
By L. M. Montgomery

Next in line of the Collection of Christmas Stories I am still reading, (and probably won’t finish until Christmas time again) I found Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery and I gotta say this was THE PICK UP of the pace after the combo breaker of Christmas with Grandma Elsie.

Because I loved this book from beginning to end, and for me it is the example of a perfect book, I enjoyed everything, the style, the vocabulary, the plot, the characters, everything!

So after I am done with the collection of Christmas stories, I will be picking up the other books of the Anne (with an E) saga, because I just found out that this is the first out of four books, written by L. M. Montgomery narrating Anne’s life. And since I enjoyed and loved this one so much I don’t wanna miss the others.

But what did I learn from reading Anne of Green Gables? 

Well, I learn that life is a great journey and that we cannot put a pause on it, so we really should make our best to enjoy every stage or phase that we are supposed to go thru in life according to our age, because time doesn’t stop for us, it always keep going, so the best we can do is take it by the hand and let us guide us thru life, accepting all the eras and changes that we are meant to experience. 

Because Anne of Green Gables tells the story of Anne (with an E) an 11 years old orphan that is adopted by accident by a brother and a sister who actually wanted a boy. But due to Anne (with an E) wittiness they decide to keep her. 

Hence, the book tells the next 5 years of Anne’s life and narrates her transition from childhood to teenager, in a very majestic way, here I take the cap off before L. M. Montgomery, because the way she put that growth and transition into words was really impressive, as you read the book you can notice how Anne vocabulary changes and matures and you can actually feel that the little girl you started reading about in the beginning of the book is growing and maturing. 

So it made me look back and reflect a lot about my life and my growth too, so it made realize that I am already 31, and that life and time passes so fast that if we don’t take some time to grasp the situation and acknowledge the long journey we have gone thru, we might just get caught up in the fast paced life we are living nowadays and never realize it. 

Therefore, since I loved Anne of Green Gables so much and it made laugh until I cried, think about my life, and then made me actually cry of feelings, I totally recommend this book to everyone, so you can get it by getting the Christmas Collection I’m reading or just download this book (for free too Public Domain Rocks) here on iBooks

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