What I learned from reading: The Christmas Child by Hesba Stretton

Book the Christmas child by Hesba Stretton
The Christmas Child
By Hesba Stretton 

Next on the Christmas Collection I am reading, I found this rather short story “The Christmas Child” by Hesba Stretton, and I say is rather short because it’s just a few chapters, so I don’t consider it a full novel, 

Now this was my first time reading Hesba Stretton, and I think it was an entertaining book, but not that much to actually make my way into Wikipedia to look her up, so if she has better books, feel free to recommend them to me, to check them out, as I was not much impressed  by this one. 

But what did I learn from reading The Christmas Child? 

Well, for most people the lesson of this book would be about forgiveness and not holding grudges against the people that we love and care, but for me I think that the biggest lesson from this book is about understanding that all are life are different and that we cannot shove our beliefs, experiences and lessons down others people throats, because for them to learn the hard way and they would have to live their own experience to know what it’s actually like. 

And that’s a mistake many people incur nowadays, specially parents, as most of the times they just bring the raw lesson to their children without any explanation on how or why things should be like they say. Which, contrary to what the parents think, only make the children more curious and defiant. 

Hence for me that’s what this book is about, since it tells the story of a girl who disobeyed her single old aunt who hated men and ran away from her to get married and have a child. 

But then again, it’s a fun story to read but not very impressive, so I don’t recommend it to read it, unless you are on the mood of something light and Christmas related. 

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