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What I learned from listening to Positions by Ariana Grande

Screenshot from the Music Video

I listened to Ariana Grande new song: Positions, and I liked it a lot, because it’s really catchy and the music relaxing, but what I liked the best is the message Ariana brought to us with the lyrics. 

But before jumping on over analyzing the lyrics, I wanna tell that I found very refreshing how this song, despite being heavily sexual, is not explicit at all, so we have to use our dirty imagination to decode the sexual innuendos in it. I like this type of songs better than the ones that leave nothing to the imagination at all. 

Back to the topic, what I learned from listening to positions by Ariana Grande is the meaning of love, because when one is in love with someone else, one is willing to change or sacrifice certain things in our life in order to be with other person or just please them. And this changes or sacrifices shouldn’t be a bother or a burden, they must be willingly and moved by loved. 

And this is a message that the world needs right now, because people nowadays is really selfish and have a wrong perception of what love really is.

Most people are too self centered and just want to be loved and that people changed for them to gain their love, without understanding that love is a 50/50 thing, so this unrealistic perspective of love created by narcissistic people needs to end, because that’s not what love is. 

To love is to share, to change, to sacrifice, to rejoice, and always, always equally. And this is expressed on the song too, as she emphasize the word “both” on the lyrics. 

So I’m glad this song with such a nice message and nice vibes came out, because lately most of the songs carry bad, negative or self degrading messages, that despite being catchy and technically good songs, I end up disliking because of it. 

But positions? I can listen to positions and attract love to my life 🥰

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What I learned from watching This is Paris.

Paris Hilton Documentary

For those few who know me might already know that I like Paris Hilton, I consider her a great role model and it’s someone I look up to. So, it was obvious that I was going to watch the documentary she made for YouTube Originals. And despite being very disturbing, I loved it, because I learned, or I confirmed, some theories I have about her.

Since the beginning of the Paris Hilton era, I always had a hunch that “this girl can’t be serious, she is fooling everyone with her dumb blonde attitude” and this documentary confirmed that I was right, as it shows a whole new face of Paris, and the “real her”, which of course it’s not the stupid girl she portraits to be on social media or T.V. 

But beyond Paris’ life, this documentary gets a disturbing turn, as it confirms the power of what MKUltra programming can do to a person. Because in This is Paris, she opens up about her teen years and how she was abused in Provo Canyon School and other boarding schools where her parents sent her to “fix her”.

So Paris tell us openly how this abuses she went thru helped her create the persona she portraits to be and some love and hate. So it is really scary and disturbing that this confirms the conspiracy theory of the MK Ultra programming and how it really can work and split and broke a person mind so they can be manipulated and handled easily.

I also learned that people still live in the Victorian era, as they seem to live for what society says and expect from them, and I’m talking about Nikki Hilton Rothschild and Paris’ Parents, because just because she was different and not following the pattern of what society expects her to be, was the reason she was sent to those abusive boarding school.

Sadly, that’s something that it is not only seen in the elite or rich people, that’s an stigma that still lingers in middle and lower class people too. So it’s really sad, because we all have free will to do, think and say whatever we want as long as it doesn’t hurt or affect others or ourselves, so society shouldn’t take this free will out from us. 

Punishing someone or stop doing something just because of the “what might people say” is something we as humanity need to overcome, as we come to world to be happy and please ourselves not anyone else.

But of course all that philosophical ranting is me over thinking and analyzing the documentary, as you don’t see any of what I said it is, at least not directly, but if you wanna check it out by yourself, you can watch This is Paris in YouTube for free.

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What I learned from reading O. Henry Short Stories.

O. Henry slayin’ it! 

Starting with this post I am changing the dynamic of the boring and awfully reviews that I’ve been doing, to be honest I don’t know how to review things, specially books, because I just enjoy them so much even when they are bore and lame and I end up liking them and recommending them to everybody. So, instead, I’m starting this new ‘section’ (if I can call it like that) of “What I learned from...” in which instead of reviewing the books, I’ll state the knowledge I got from reading them AND I’ll be expanding it to movies, series, anime, music videos, etc. 

Now that I cleared that up, I can get back to the topic, which is O. Henry’s short stories.

But before jumping into the stories, I’d like to share with you what I learned of O. Henry, as it is a habit of mine to check the biography of the authors I read, after I read them, and it turned out that O. Henry real name was William Sydney Porter, he was American and he lived quite a life, he went to prison and he didn’t started his writing career after his serving time, which I think it’s pretty cool, because some of the stories I read were about robbing people, banks or trains, and I can guess where he got those ideas from...

About his short stories, O. Henry wrote over 300 short stories, but I only read like around 40, the most popular ones, and I’m sure that one of the things that he wanted to teach in all of his stories, even if they were fiction, is how ironic life can get to be, as they all had unexpected and twisted endings that I’m sure all of us have experienced in life in one way or another, like when we fight for getting something and we end up having exactly the opposite but realizing that what we’ve got it’s better than what we wanted. 

Therefore O. Henry‘s short stories are full of funny, sad and interesting ironies that represents life, which are important to mark and reckon and learn from, as this will help us accept what happens on our own life. So it’s a big thumbs up to O. Henry for that. 

Another not so remarkable thing I learned from his stories is how the economy has grow and change from the period of time where he lived (late 1800s) to nowadays, as he used a lot of monetary remarks and reference on his stories, so it’s pretty fun to read how people just made $8.00 a week from a full time job back then. Which tell us the never ending tale of how wages are never enough for people, because as wages go up, so does the price of things and services, making it an infinite loop. 

To conclude, I also re affirmed (because I’ve been knowing this for years) that fiction it’s not too far away from real life, because all fiction has its root in reality. So, after learning that O. Henry had served time in prison, I understood how all the plots of his stories were so spotless and felt so real, because I’m assuming he used the stories he got from his fellow prisoners when he was in jail. So I’m guessing he took reality and blended into fiction, but is it really fiction if it’s based on reality?... I’ll leave you that to think about. 

So, if you’d like to read some of his stories, I found this great website which contains a lot of them if not all, so you can check them up and read them for free. 

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