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Visual Art: The Magician

The Magician

For those who doesn’t know, I’ve been doing tarot readings for over a year a now, after having studied the cards and it’s symbols for almost 7 years.  

In the Tarot the Magician represents the card Number I (one) of the Major Arcana, and it could be interpreted as the preparation or the beginning of the journey to find the illumination. 

So inspired by this powerful and moving card I made this piece, which I decided to called The Magician, since well, that’s what it represents. 

Funny thing is that the original plan for this photo was to be very simple, without much “symbolism” so I had just pictured me naked with the magician hat with the sky as background, but as I started to put it together, I couldn’t help it and ended up loading it with heavy symbolism and the card itself that inspired me to create it, which I think it was a nice touch. 

This is the third card I represent in a photo, being the Tower and the Devil the first two. 

And this makes me wonder if I would end up representing all the cards thru my lifetime, as one of the many interpretation of the cards is that they represent the different stages of our life and path to illumination and evolution. 

I guess only time will tell, but as for now I am pretty much certain that I feel like The Magician myself.

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