What I learned from reading Granny’s Wonderful Chair by Frances Browne.

Review, analysis and opinion of the book Granny’s Wonderful Chair by Frances Browne.
Granny’s Wonderful Chair,
by Frances Browne. 

Next on the Compilation of Christmas Stories I am reading, I found Granny’s Wonderful Chair by Frances Browne (please do not confuse with Frances Hodgson like I did), which besides being a whole story also serves as a fairytale compilation, which I think was pretty cool.

So it contains the main story and 4 amazing  fairytales that complement the story, and as you might already know, I love fairytales, so this book was not an exception, and I loved it from beginning to end as it was simple to read, and all the stories it contains were very interesting and knowledgeable in their own unique way.  

But what did I learned from reading Granny’s Wonderful Chair? 

Well, technically there’s a bunch of lessons on this book, because each of the fairytales it compiles brings a teaching, but to not make a thesis out of it, I would say that what I learned from reading it is that our virtues will always prevail before evil, and that as we act virtuously and wisely, it’s pretty likely that we’ll do good, even when we face obstacles or hardships in life. 

Because what I’ve learned from studying occultism and from reading children’s book is that good actions bring compensation to our life in many different ways and at different times, but usually it always come when it’s most needed. 

So this was a 5 star read for me, because the morals and the fairytales were neat, and I have nothing bad to say about it. 

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