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REVIEW of Emily Bronte’s book: Wuthering Heights.

Wuthering Heights was the first and only novel of Emily Brontë and it was published on 1847. I finished reading this novel a couple of months ago, but since I was making my decision of what to do with this blog (weather to keep it in Spanish or start writing in English) I kept the review on hold until I made my mind. And I bet you can guess what I’ve chosen 😜

Back to book.

For me Wuthering Heights was what you may call a story within a story, because the whole book is divided in two different narrations. Yet, it was so well produced and put together that if I wasn’t a writer I wouldn’t have noticed this. Because as you start the book by the narration of Mr. Lockwood, you get immerse in their world, and in the mystery that surrounds his landlord Mr. Heathcliff.

And then, as the curiosity of Mr Lockwood arises, and he wants to know more about his landlord, the second narration start, this time by the hand of his housekeeper Ellen, which tells him the story of Heathcliff’s life.

Now, I don’t wanna spoil you, so I’m trying to keep the details of the book to the minimum, nevertheless I would like to warn you that Wuthering Heights is a super sad book, it is filled with a lot of negative emotions and actions like jealousy, revenge, violence, and more. Although, one can say that it has a happy ending (and this is not a spoiler, because as you read it, you can’t even have the slightest idea of how it might end).

What I like the best about this book was that Emily made a great job with the description of how the Wuthering Heights were like. You can easily imagine the Heights and how their appearance change as the seasons pass by. It was like I was there myself.

Also the two narratives, although I gotta say that the narration of Lockwood was dull and boring for me, the narration of Ellen was very well elaborated. And as say before, the way she put them together.

To finish, I can say that Wuthering Heights is a nice level, very easy to read, with a nice vocabulary and not to many hard words. The length was good, about 650 pages on mi old iPad 2. And although it didn’t hook me and kept me reading until 3 a.m, I enjoy reading it. So if you have Emily Brontë’s book in your to-read list, give it a chance, you won’t be disappointed.

Note: Wuthering Heights is Public Domain book, so you can download for free on the iBook Store Here.

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Visual Art: Feelin’ Lucky.

🍀 Feelin’ Lucky 🍀
Original Photo: iPad 6th gen. 
Resources: Pixabay & freepngimg.
Made on: iPad 6th gen.
Apps used: Photoshop Mix & PicsArt. 

This is my first post in English, and what a better oportunity than writing about my latest visual art creation that I think looks amazing 😻😻😻

It had been a while since the last time I created some visual art, I think a couple of months, because lately I’ve been kinda blocked. But now I am very happy with the outcome of this new one and I’m glad I took my time to create it. Because I really, REALLY, like it. So far, this is the best one I’ve created (but for me always my lastest edit is my best one so ignore this last statement).

And this pic, came to my mind because lately I’ve been feeling lucky. I’m lucky to be where I am, I am lucky because I do what I like, I’m lucky because I’m free, and I’m lucky because even though I don’t have everything, I have everything.

Some people say that luck doesn’t exist, but for me it does, and I actually believe we create our own luck, because luck is a mindset. Therefore I’ve always believed I’m very lucky, and a lot of friends of mine call me “lucky bastard” when things go they way I want to. Because, well, the odds are usually in my favor.

For me, the key about being lucky is being lucky even in unlucky times. Because I believe that when things don’t go my way, it’s because they weren’t meant for me, therefore, I’m lucky they didn’t go my way. Get it? (It’s kinda confusing, I know)

But leaving all this philosophical interpretation of the this pic aside, I also like gambling, and lately I’ve been craving to go to a casino and bet until I lose it all or hit the jackpot. Sadly there’s no casinos around me.

And maybe that’s what inspired me most to create this pic. But well, I guess I’m lucky I found another deeper, symbolic and occult interpretation 🧐😉🍀

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