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Review of Olga de Pitray’s book: Voyages Abracadabrants du gros Philéas

In English “The bizarre travels of fat Philéas” was published in 1890 by Olga de Pitray, and I was completely fooled by it, because of my wrong understanding of the title, since my rusty and not so wide French thought that the word Abracadabrants meant something like magic, or magical (you know, for the word abracadabra), but in reality it means “bizarre” so I ended up reading a “comedy” book instead of the fantastic magical one I was expecting. 

Unfortunately for me, this first deception was just the beginning of this tedious and boring book, because I dislike it from almost the beginning, because despite the hard efforts Olga made for making it bizarrely funny, I just found it plain null. 

The book center’s about Philéas, a fat man who is rather slow (intellectually speaking), and how he goes on a hunting travel with this mean man who just wanted to make fun of him and make him his personal clown. 

So, the entire book is just about the poor fat guy being bullied and put into random awkward position just for this other guy’s amusement. So, instead of being “funny” I just felt sorry for poor Philéas and found myself annoyed pretty fast. 

Luckily for me, the book was a short one, just 270 pages on my iPad, so the pain was not that long. And the vocabulary and writing of the book is very simple, which is the only good thing I can pull out from it, since I read it in French and it didn’t gave me any headache, like Notre Dame, or other French books I’ve read. 

To conclude I don’t recommend this book, so if you ever cross path with it in iBooks, just ignore it and try to find something else more worth reading. 

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Visual Art: Wild Nature.

Tetramorph made by lion, ox, eagle and human by sir Helder Amos
Wild Nature
As you may already know, I am always reading and searching for knowledge, because it is true that knowledge is power, and one of the things I’ve learned is that despite we, humans, are the only “rational thinking” beings on earth for the moment, we still have lesson to learn from other species that may not be as rational, for example:

We have to be brave, fearless and royal like the lion to face all the obstacles that life put in front of us.

Also we have to be light, and soar the sky, so we can look below and have a better eye, like the eagle. So we can take different perspectives into consideration when making decisions.

And let’s not forget, that not matter what happens we have to keep a calm and focused hard working attitude like the ox, to accomplish our goals.

So from now on let’s try to incorporate the wild nature’s nature into our nature. So we become naturally better. Because if we incorporate the teachings of this animals into our life, we will be unstoppable like nature itself.

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