What I learned from reading: Christmas with Grandma Elsie by Martha Finley

Review thought and lessons of the book Christmas with grandma Elsie by Martha Finley
Christmas with Grandma Elsie,
By Martha Finley

Next in the Collection of Christmas Stories was Christmas with Grandma Elsie by Martha Finley, and I gotta be honest with you, this book was the combo breaker of this great compilation of Christmas Novels, since, so far, all the books that It contained I enjoyed them and had a good time with them. 

But Christmas with Grandma Elsie marked the difference in a really bad way for me, I found this book dull and it was really annoying to read, and I don’t know if it was due to the narrative, the empty characters or the intense and continuous religious messages this novel try to shovel down your throat.

For me I found this book boring from the very beginning because it doesn’t have a plot and almost nothing happens in it, but I kept reading it with the hopes that something would happen in the end that would make it worth reading, but nope, nothing, boring from the beginning to end. 

And now that I finished it I googled it and I discovered this was the 14th book of the series of Elsies book, so probably this was a just fan service book for the people who looked forward to the saga. Maybe the first books were good, but that’s not something I want to discover, because I really dislike this book. 

So what did I learn from reading Christmas with Grandma Elsie?

Well, I learned that books have to have a plot to be interesting and engaging, because this book is just a slice of life of a happy and rich family that is always lucky to avoid anything bad happening to them. So I found myself pretty bored and annoyed while reading how perfect and happy they were. 

But I think it was because I just found it very unrealistic, life cannot be that perfect or happy. Judging for my experience life is all about the ups and downs, enjoying the top and suffering the bottom, and this book just didn’t portrait a real sense of life to me, but more like the desire or dream of a never lasting happiness. 

So I don’t recommend it at all, and if you ever found yourself with a huge compilation of novels and find this book on the list, just skip it because it is not worth reading. 

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