What I learned from watching: Space Dandy.

Review analysis and opinion of the anime Space Dandy
Space Dandy

Yeah, Baby! I watched Space Dandy! 

And for those who don’t know Space Dandy is an anime that aired in 2014 that became really popular due to the similarities and comparación the public made with the classical Cow Boy Bebop, because of the special setting and the plot of catching Bounty Aliens to make a living. 

Although, I agree a little with that opinion, I honestly liked Space Dandy 99% more than Cowboy Bebop, because in my opinion the main character, Dandy was really well written and was charismatic, fun, stubborn, kind, special and unique; so you click with him from the first episode (or at least I did I actually got a Crush on Dandy and I want my future husband to be like him)

But What did I learn from watching Space Dandy? 

Well, to begin I have to clarify that Space Dandy doesn’t have a chronological story, each episode narrates an adventure and I could say that each episode has a little lesson or a philosophical insight that it’s worth to take the time to analyze. But since I don’t wanna make a thesis about it, I’m wrapping it all up together to say that what I learned from watching Space Dandy is YOLO. 

Yes, I learned that You Only Live Once, because life is only one so we have to make the best out of this experience and try have to fun, enjoy the good times and take the bad times carelessly, because (then again) life is just one. So we have to live to enjoy even the mundane pleasures that we can have, because that is what life is about: enjoying the little simplest things we have in our everyday basis. 

And this anime moved and stirred some feelings, because all my life I’ve taken my journey to illumination and knowledge too seriously and I forget to have fun; and sometimes I’m even too hard on myself and others for the lack of seriousness in life. So watching Space Dandy was a good reminder that YOLO so I should just Chillax. 

So thanks to that lesson, Dandy, and the crazy stories each episode tells, I gotta say that I loved watching Space Dandy, like I really LOVED it! I even made it last. 

This anime has 24 episodes, and I watched it in 24 days, I saw one episode daily just because I didn’t want to bind watch it and be over with it, I wanted to made it last and enjoy each and every episode (so probably it was a lesson learned from episode one?)

And when I do that, it means that it’s a golden star for me, so if you’d like to watch something different and fun but also philosophical check Space Dandy, because it’s really worth to watch. 

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