What I learned from reading: The Little City of Hope by F. Marion

The Little City of Hope
By Francis Marion Crawford 

As I said on my last post, I downloaded this huge compilation of Christmas Stories on iBooks and the next book on the list was this one: The Little City of Hope by Francis Marion, which I actually finished reading a couple of weeks ago. 

And just from reading the title it got me excited, because I’m an optimistic and positive person, so it build my expectations. 

But before jumping into the lessons I learn from this book, I want to share with you that it was my first time reading this author, and that oddly enough “The Little City of Hope” doesn’t have a Wikipedia Page, so all the information I could gather about it was that it was published on 1907. 

Parentheses: Why is it that all the great books and writers are all from the same era (late 1800 early 1900)?

The plot of this book is very simple, as it narrates the story and struggles of an inventor trying to make his failed invention work, and since all the events take place during the Christmas time, of course it was called a Christmas story. 

But what I learned from it? 

This might sound a little cheesy, but the main lesson this book brings it’s that of never losing hope and stick to our dreams, because wether we believe it or not, when we stay true to our dreams and ideals, the universe will provide with the answers or resources we need to make them happen! 

So, I really enjoyed reading this book and I’m happy to say that my expectation were met! Because I love positive books that program my brain to believe in myself and that my dreams can come true if I stay hopeful and true to myself, and despite the fact that I know that this was a fiction book, I also know that reality is never too far from fiction! 

Therefore I rather to believe in my dreams and the magic of life than to let reality crush all hopes and dreams! And this book was perfect to reinforce that thought! So if you like positive books with happy endings, you should give it a try to The Little City of Hope, because it’s a beautiful story than I’m sure will put a small on your face!  

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