What I learned from reading: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

A Christmas carol book review analysis and lessons
A Christmas Carol 
By Charles Dickens

As I kept scrolling down on the huge Christmas Stories Compilation Book I am reading, I found Heidi next in line but I have already read it (Here’s my review of it), then Peter Pan and Wendy but I read it like 10 years ago, after that Little Women which I had read too (here’s my review but it’s in Spanish), then The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, which I read too (all 13 books like 3 years ago), and then I found the A Christmas Carol. 

And I got excited, because the only piece I’ve read from Charles Dickens was Great Expectations, which I actually read twice, once in my early twenties and another time on my late twenties, so reading another book from Charles was exciting, and if we add the fact that A Christmas Carol is super popular and that I’ve seen several movies adaptations of it, then the hype increased.

So I enjoyed a lot reading A Christmas Carol but I have to note that it was a completely different experience from reading Great Expectations, and not in a very pleasant way, because I don’t know if it was due to the style, how the story was written or the structure of it that I had some hard times reading it, often I found myself having to reread sentences and entire paragraphs because I just didn’t get it or I couldn’t picture in my mind what was being expressed. 

Therefore it was not a smooth read, but having watched the different movies adaptations of it helped a lot, and I also have to say that the movies don’t miss anything from the book, so I guess I can say that it’s the same to read the book or watch the movie, because nothing is left out. 

But what did I learn from reading a Christmas Carol? 

Well, if you ask that to a commoner they would tell you that ‘the main lesson of this story is to be kind and to share your wealth with the people in need to win they their love and appreciation’ which I think it’s a really bad lesson, first because it implies some communism ideals, and secondly because it’s basically buying people love and good grace with money and gifts which is bad too. 

So the main lesson that I, Sir Helder Amos (with my auto-imposed self title of Sir), learned from reading a Christmas Story is that it’s never to late to change our life and fix our way so we can find our path to be happy in life. 

Sine one thing that is certain in the book is that Old Scrooge didn’t fully enjoy his life in the beginning, he lived a greedy gray life, but after the visit of the three spirits he gives his life a 360° 180° Change to find joy and happiness by sharing with others his wealth, and it’s in this change of life where I focus the lesson of this book.

Because if it were the case he could have found joy in traveling, in studying, or in dedicating himself to a craft; since happiness can be found in many different ways and not only in sharing one’s wealth by helping others; which I don’t criticize, but I want that the message that you can change your life for the better prevails more, since not everyone with a gray life have a fortune to share. 

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