What I learned from reading Christmas-Tree Land by Mary Louisa Molesworth

Christmas-Tree Land
by Mary Louisa Molesworth

Another book I finished a couple of weeks ago is Christmas-Tree Land by Mary Louisa Molesworth, and this was a very interesting reading because I’ve never heard or read anything about Mary Louisa before in my life, so I had my doubts as wether to read this or not, because as you might have noticed I like reading classical and well known authors.

But since the version I downloaded of the Life & Adventures of Santa Claus for free in iBooks, was actually a compilation of several Christmas Novels / Stories, I decided to just keep reading and check the other books in there too, so expect that the upcoming reviews of this year are going to be mostly about Christmas Books, because that compilation have like 15 or 20 books in it (although there are some that I’ve already read, so I’ll skip those ones).

Now, back to Mary Louisa Novel: Christmas-Tree Land, it is a fantastic children book, it is really entertaining and full of magic and unbelievable events, which made me really happy to read, as I love everything Magic and Fantastic, so I enjoyed this book a lot. 

And since it’s a children book it’s pretty easy to read and it’s not that long, so then again it was a perfect reading for me; although if there’s something I could say that I didn’t like about this book is that probably it was too structured, it seemed as if this book followed the basic children book script so it felt very generic, but then again I enjoyed it and it was good altogether. 

But what I learned from it? 

I learned from this book that spirituality is something that is planted within us from our childhood,  because if we don’t believe in magic or fantasy when we are kids, it’s really hard that we can develop any spirituality when we grow up and even more unlikely that we can teach or pass anything related to it to our kids or children around us. 

And I learned this over analyzing the characters and the plot of this book, so don’t expect to find any lines or comments about spirituality in it! But for me every book that has fairies and magic in it, it’s a spiritual book, because to be able to write about fairies, one has to have at least some basic knowledge about them and occultism, and the way Mary Louisa talks about fairies and nature in this novel, makes me believe that she was initiated into the occult knowledge (another reason why I enjoyed this book so much). 

So if you are into occultism and children books like I am you should give it a try to Christmas-Tree Land, even when it’s not Christmas time, because it is a really enjoyable read! 

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