What I Learned From Reading: The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus 
By L. Frank Baum

This is another book that I read on December but I didn’t have the time to analyze and digest, because of all the work and time I was putting to my Tarot Readings project / branding www.weeklytarot.com but since I don’t have any customers tonight’s I figured it would be great to catch up with my reviews. 

For starters, I want to let you know that I’ve read all 13 Books of The Land of Oz and The Sea Fairies, so this was not my first time with L. Frank Baum so I kinda had expectations about this book, knowing his style and amazing creativity and imagination, and I’m really glad to say that all my expectations were met! 

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus is an amazing, magical and entertaining children book, that serves as a biography of our beloved Santa, and even though it was made up by Frank, I took it as the cannon story of Santa, because despite being all fiction, it makes sense and goes accordingly with the occult knowledge of the actual universe. 

So it is a brilliant book that was majestic put together, I loved it! And it really blew my mind when I searched the Wikipedia article of it and found out that Frank wrote and published this book way BEFORE the Land of Oz series, because I thought this book was published after them! So it’s even more amazing how Frank kept and stay true to his style and fantasy world he created on his mind.

But what did I learn from it? 

Well, as it’s usual with Frank’s novels, this book has a lot of moral lessons and A LOT of occult knowledge, but the lesson that sticks the more to me from the Life and Adventures of Santa Claus is that of how consistency and hard work can lead you to greatness, and that even the biggest public figures start from the bottom.

In this book, Frank tells the story of how Santa made his first toy carving it out of wood, and then he keept doing one by one before actually getting any help, so he started from the bottom, and it was his consistency and hard work that brought him the fame he has nowadays, and even though he is a fictional character, life does not part too long from fiction.

So that’s the great lesson I learned from it! Which at the same time motivates me to keep going until I finally make it! 

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