Visual Art: The Hand of the Emoji

The Hand Of The Emoji by Sir Helder Amos

Hello everyone, happy new year 2021! 

I hope everyone had received the new year with a positive attitude and mindset, in my case I am receiving it with this new Photo-collage that I did! Because is there a better way to start the new year than with a piece of art that represents the new stages or phases in your life? 

I don’t think so! 

So I wanna start this 2021 sharing with you this piece I decided to call the Hand of the Emoji, because I like to think of it as a newer and updated version of  “ La Mano Dei Filosofi” or in English the “Hand of the Mysteries”, which in alchemy is believed that contain the knowledge to achieve divinity and unravel all the mysteries and secrets of humankind. 

And since I’ve been studying the occult symbolisms and meanings of the original piece I think it was time to give it an update, and what a better way to adapt it to modern times than by using emojis, that I don’t know if by chance or by intention, relate perfectly well with each symbol of the original piece. 

So I really hope you like this photo and take some time to look a little bit more about the “Hand of Mysteries” because it is a really profound image with a even more amazing background in alchemy, just beware to not let yourself be fooled by the adaptation Gucci did of the Hand of The Mysteries a few years ago for one of its campaigns, because although it was pretty good it had a more darker meaning of the original version and than even mine!

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