Dreams Come True: The Crazy story of how I got a ticket to Magic Kingdom.

Oh boy! I went to Magic Kingdom!!
I just came back from my 4 month long vacation in Orlando, Florida. And my thoughts and dreams before even getting there was “I wanna go to Disney” despite being aware that I didn’t have enough money to visit because we all know that the Land of the Mouse is expensive.

So, with that dream in mind I went to visit my sister from October to March, to spend the nephew and niece birthday with them (the nephew in October and the niece in February) along with the holidays and my birthday (January).

Now, during my long vacation I stayed at my sister’s place, in a complex called Windermere Cay, which made my dreams really painful, because it is located right behind Magic Kingdom, so every night I could hear and see the fireworks from the gym or the pool or anywhere in the complex. Because of its proximity with the park.

While I was there, twice or thrice a week I would came out of the apartment to see the fireworks and wish I was there, in Magic Kingdom, watching them from the castle. It was really poetic, actually, because I had only been to Magic Kingdom once before, so I would remember my first time there, wishing for a second time as the fireworks lit the dark night.

Crazy Hair day at Magic Kingdom 

So the months started to pass, and I kept dreaming, but I kept myself busy, because I got a pass to Seaworld and I explored other parts of Orlando and it’s surrounding areas. But always keeping my dream of going to Magic Kingdom in the back of my mind.

Nevertheless, ironic as life can sometimes be, by December a friend of mine was to preform in the holidays show of Epcot, so he invited me to the park to see him perform, which he did amazingly, so I had the chance to visit Epcot for the first time, and despite I enjoy it a lot and I got a Daruma Doll in Japan (which I hope to talk more in the future), I still felt like.... “Epcot is okay but it is not Magic Kingdom, I wanna go to Magic Kingdom”.

Christmas time arrived, then mi birthday and around late January another friend brought to the table an opportunity to visit Animal Kingdom, so he took me to there, and that’s how I visited that park for the first time. But at the end of the day, I had the same bittersweet flavor in my mouth and thoughts... “Animal Kingdom is fun but it is not Magic Kingdom, I wanna go to Magic Kingdom!”.

February arrived, and my day to departure started to come closer, so I started to wish harder to go Magic Kingdom every time I saw the fireworks from my sister’s place.

Cinderella Castle 

And then in a blink of a eye, March was there, my departure from Orlando due to March the 4th,  it was March the 2nd and I still hadn’t gone to Magic Kingdom, but I am strong believer, so I kept on dreaming, because I’m a Disney fan, so I do believe in the secret, Cinderella, and all that crap that dreams come true if we really wish for them and focus our actions towards their realization.

And on that train of thought I pinpointed my flaw! I was just dreaming about going to Magic Kingdom, but I really wasn’t doing anything to make that dream come true, so on March the 2nd, late at night, I started to update all my social media, asking for someone that could help me get a ticket or pass me to Magic Kingdom in exchange of a Tarot Reading.

March the 3rd arrived. I was devastated, because I was leaving the next day and I hadn’t fulfilled my dream of going to Magic Kingdom, so I made plans for going to Bush Gardens instead with a friend. But then, around 11 am, when I was about to leave for going to the park, out of nowhere, I got a notification on my phone...

“I can give you a ticket to Magic Kingdom for a Tarot Reading”

And I am sure you can imagine the rest of the story.... I graduated with honors as the worst friend in the world, because I immediately cancelled the plans to go Bush Gardens with my friend for obvious reasons, and I went on my own to Magic Kingdom, the day before my departure, after wishing going there for 4 months straight, with the Corona Virus around and all my family calling me crazy for going to such a populated place.

And guess what? I didn’t care if I caught the Corona Virus while in the park, because my dream came true and I enjoyed all the lines, all the people and specially the firework show at the castle in the end. The one I saw so many times from afar and I was able to see on my last day in Orlando from the exact spot where I wanted to see it since my arrival.

I literally cried during the whole show. Moved by all the events and how dreams really do come true. And all because I never stop dreaming, I never stop believing that my dream could come true and most importantly, because I put a little, simple action towards it.

Or probably I was just Lucky.

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