BLOG: Life is like a Jigsaw Puzzle!

Lately, I’ve taken jigsaw puzzles as hobby, but being like I am, that think and over think everything I do, I ended up learning some great life lessons putting the puzzle together. And I think they are worth sharing, so here they are:

500 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle
In life all things start like this.

The first thing you learn when putting a jigsaw puzzle together is patient, it takes time and a lot of patience to put a whole jigsaw together, I think it took me around 10 hours or so to put a 500 pieces jigsaw puzzle together, and that requires a lot of patient, although 10 hours may not sound much, we are used to getting instant gratification for what we do, so it’s frustrating taking so long to just accomplish one little puzzle.

The second thing you learn when putting a jigsaw puzzle together, it’s that you need to start by sorting out everything first before jumping into action, because with all the pieces piled up it’s really hard to find a match. And so is in life, you can’t accomplish anything if you don’t start by the basic. Small actions, lead to greater accomplishes. 

The third is that you can’t give up, putting a jigsaw puzzle togheter is pretty much like life itself, there were times when I just wanted to give up, turned the table and scatter all the pieces around the apartment, but like in life, the only way to achieve one goals is never giving up.

500 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzles put together.
With hard work and dedication everything is possible.

The fourth is to watch the whole thing from a different perspective, there where times when I took a piece in my hand and get frustrated because I couldn’t find where it go, and then, by accident, I started turning the piece in my hand, and as I watched the piece rotate I found out I was holding it on the wrong direction, and that happens a lot in life too, we just see things through our eyes and never stop one second to try to have some empathy and try to see things through other people point of view.

And the last and the most important lesson I’ve learned putting together this jigsaw puzzle was that eventually, every piece find its place, because there were times in which I would find certain pieces, and I would think and be pretty certain and sure to knew where they supposed to fit, and when I tried, they didn’t fit, but me, being a headstrong person, would try to fit it by force and exhaust myself trying to fit it until giving up. Just to then, 5 minutes or a couple of days later, I’d find out that I was wrong and that that same piece belong somewhere else where it fitted easily and effortlessly.

And what did I learn from that? You may be wondering. Well, I just compared it to life itself, because in life what’s meant to be for us, come easily and effortlessly, without even trying hard. Because sometimes we focus on swimming against the current on a whim, and lose sight of the whole picture and the other different options we may have to accomplish our dreams.

Nevertheless, like I said before, that doesn’t mean we have to give up on our first try if things don’t come out the way we want to, we just need to keep trying and testing different approaches, because if I would have given up, I would never had found where piece belong and never would had finished the puzzle.

So life is a puzzle, because it’s a matter of keep trying, patiently until all pieces come together and fall where they suppose to be. And it’s us who put it together.

And another 500 Pieces I Put together.

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  2. I've always believed that jigsaw puzzles are more than just a pastime – they're a therapeutic journey that engages our minds in the most creative way. There's an unexplainable joy in sifting through those unique pieces, gradually forming a stunning image that was once just scattered fragments. It's a gentle reminder that life, like puzzles, requires patience and perseverance. Assembling puzzles is my way of finding calm in the chaos, one piece at a time.