BLOG: You can be anything!

Yes, that’s right, life is full of paths and options for you to chose the one you like the best and the one that best suits you, so never doubt of yourself because you can be anything if you set your mind and actions towards that goal.

Everything is achievable, because every goal and profession has a route to succeed, just remember that yes, YOU CAN BE ANYTHING, just don’t expect to become something overnight, therefore if you wanna be a doctor, go to college and study hard for 6 years; if you wanna be a YouTuber, grab a camera and start recording yourself, you will begin with 0 (zero) subscribers but if you keep posting your community will grow; if you wanna be poet, start writing some verses and with time you’ll have enough to publish a book; and even you wanna become a porn star you can start by opening and onlyfans account and well.. you can guess the rest.

Also remember, that you can chose and change your path at any moment of your life, so it doesn’t matter if you are a 30 years old bearded latin man, if you want to you can become the logo of a famous doll brand if you let your hair grow long enough to make a ponytail. And here’s the proof.

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic! 
Because even if it’s self made and fake. If you believe it’s real then it is! (at least in your mind). And remember that dreams sometimes sounds funny, impossible or even stupid until they are achieved. So don’t be too surprised when I become the image of a doll in the future. Because I want to be a big, huge, famous artist, philosopher and writer with a doll named and inspired on me... And I won’t be giving up until I die or make it. So, as long as I keep trying I will always have the chance to make it.

And you? Are you trying?...

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