What I learned from watching This is Paris.

Paris Hilton Documentary

For those few who know me might already know that I like Paris Hilton, I consider her a great role model and it’s someone I look up to. So, it was obvious that I was going to watch the documentary she made for YouTube Originals. And despite being very disturbing, I loved it, because I learned, or I confirmed, some theories I have about her.

Since the beginning of the Paris Hilton era, I always had a hunch that “this girl can’t be serious, she is fooling everyone with her dumb blonde attitude” and this documentary confirmed that I was right, as it shows a whole new face of Paris, and the “real her”, which of course it’s not the stupid girl she portraits to be on social media or T.V. 

But beyond Paris’ life, this documentary gets a disturbing turn, as it confirms the power of what MKUltra programming can do to a person. Because in This is Paris, she opens up about her teen years and how she was abused in Provo Canyon School and other boarding schools where her parents sent her to “fix her”.

So Paris tell us openly how this abuses she went thru helped her create the persona she portraits to be and some love and hate. So it is really scary and disturbing that this confirms the conspiracy theory of the MK Ultra programming and how it really can work and split and broke a person mind so they can be manipulated and handled easily.

I also learned that people still live in the Victorian era, as they seem to live for what society says and expect from them, and I’m talking about Nikki Hilton Rothschild and Paris’ Parents, because just because she was different and not following the pattern of what society expects her to be, was the reason she was sent to those abusive boarding school.

Sadly, that’s something that it is not only seen in the elite or rich people, that’s an stigma that still lingers in middle and lower class people too. So it’s really sad, because we all have free will to do, think and say whatever we want as long as it doesn’t hurt or affect others or ourselves, so society shouldn’t take this free will out from us. 

Punishing someone or stop doing something just because of the “what might people say” is something we as humanity need to overcome, as we come to world to be happy and please ourselves not anyone else.

But of course all that philosophical ranting is me over thinking and analyzing the documentary, as you don’t see any of what I said it is, at least not directly, but if you wanna check it out by yourself, you can watch This is Paris in YouTube for free.

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