What I learned from listening to Positions by Ariana Grande

Screenshot from the Music Video

I listened to Ariana Grande new song: Positions, and I liked it a lot, because it’s really catchy and the music relaxing, but what I liked the best is the message Ariana brought to us with the lyrics. 

But before jumping on over analyzing the lyrics, I wanna tell that I found very refreshing how this song, despite being heavily sexual, is not explicit at all, so we have to use our dirty imagination to decode the sexual innuendos in it. I like this type of songs better than the ones that leave nothing to the imagination at all. 

Back to the topic, what I learned from listening to positions by Ariana Grande is the meaning of love, because when one is in love with someone else, one is willing to change or sacrifice certain things in our life in order to be with other person or just please them. And this changes or sacrifices shouldn’t be a bother or a burden, they must be willingly and moved by loved. 

And this is a message that the world needs right now, because people nowadays is really selfish and have a wrong perception of what love really is.

Most people are too self centered and just want to be loved and that people changed for them to gain their love, without understanding that love is a 50/50 thing, so this unrealistic perspective of love created by narcissistic people needs to end, because that’s not what love is. 

To love is to share, to change, to sacrifice, to rejoice, and always, always equally. And this is expressed on the song too, as she emphasize the word “both” on the lyrics. 

So I’m glad this song with such a nice message and nice vibes came out, because lately most of the songs carry bad, negative or self degrading messages, that despite being catchy and technically good songs, I end up disliking because of it. 

But positions? I can listen to positions and attract love to my life 🥰

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