Review of Éliphas Lévi’s novel: Le Sorcier de Meudon.

The Wizard of Meudon 

Le Sorcier de Meudon or The Wizard of Meudon (in English) is a novel written by the occultist Éliphas Lévi and was published as two short novels in 1847. 

This book is a pretty peculiar one, because despite having the appearance to be a fictional funny story it actually is a biographical novel that narrates the life of François Rabelais. And this literally blew my mind. 

As I’ve said repeatedly here, I just read whatever my intuition tells me to read next, so I never know the premise of the books I read before I read the , so that’s why I’m always surprised by all of them. So, I chose this one because I still wanted to read something about magic (remember the bad luck I had with the Gross Philéas book). 

Therefore I started reading Le Sorcier the Meudon expecting to fulfill this expectation, at the beginning I thought that the book was a fictional one, but then I realized that the main character of the book actually existed in the mid 1500s  and that all the crazy story the book narrates actually happened. 

So you could only imagine my level of astonishment and how my mind was blown when I started to look further on the topic of François Rabelais and found that everything in the book was real, that he had actually done what he did in the book, and that he wasn't just a fictional character, but a real human being like you or me.

That made me enjoy the book even more than what I was already enjoying when I started reading it, because it was easy to read, it was entertaining and it was enlightening, all at the same time. Now add that everything was real and you have a perfect book. 

As I said before, this novel was originally published in two light novels, the first part that tells us the beginning of François Rabelais and the event that made him start his journey which changed his life. The second part of the book it’s after his journey and in his late stage of life. So we have like an before and after on the story of this peculiar man. But, unfortunately, this book leaves us wonder what happened in that in between, which I’m pretty sure it was more amazing that the little glimpse Eliphas gave us in his book. 

With only over 350 pages on my iPad I read the book in the original French language in about three weeks, which is the usual, and as always it is for free to download in the iBook Store (although I don’t know if they have a free English version available) so if you wanna have a really nice time and share a laugh I totally recommend it.

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